Career opportunities

Illustrated wall poster about career opportunities at Rosbank (Societe Generale Group), one of the top Russian consumer banks, targeted at students and trainees.



Financial industry is heavily targeted at young generation of employees. The bank wants to be reflected as an attractive place to work with great career opportunities, and to promote international moves as well.

HR department was looking for a solution that could be interesting to read, instead of traditional ‘career opportunities adverts’.



Making of

It all started with the management  structure of the bank we decided to create a ‘real’ environment depicting every single department and its position within the general hierarchy.

On having made that, we moved on to styles. It was clear that we have to speak in a playful relaxing style involving exploration rather than persuasion, and 3D style was exactly what we were looking for.

During the project implementation, the bank survived some major restructuring, involving inevitable changes is partially finished design.

Behind the scenes

Project team

Ksenia Pasechnik . ad

Maxim Chatsky . ill

Maxim Gorchakov . pm

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