Logical and visual documents for communication with business partners or for speeches

Business communication in the language of simple and clear presentations

A simple and clear description of your products?

Complex technology that is hard to explain?

Need to make a report?

Make handouts?

Prepare to communicate with clients?

Equip employees with presentations?

ill-presentation-2Entertain   Explain   Convince

Presentation for speeches

You are on stage. Read a report or participate in a discussion. The main character is you. The main story line is your speech.

But you have an assistant – the screen. Smart slides will support your words (diagrams, relationships), illustrate difficult points (diagrams, maps) and emphasize accents (illustrations, photographs). We will help you create the most intuitive slides that will enhance your presentation.

Presentation as a document

The self-study paper should speak in your own words when you are not. It is desirable, as briefly, clearly and to the point as possible, that is, clearly.

We’ll help you build a logical narrative sequence for the entire document and make sure that each slide or spread is self-contained.

It is not always obvious which to choose. It is often required to make two different presentations, one for the presentation and one for the handout. We will talk with you, study your objectives and suggest the best option based on your communication goals and audience decision-making principles. As a result, you get a document that contains only what explains your point of view reasonably.

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