Professional Report
Design Services

for Analytical/Research
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Impress your clients and communicate your research
findings with ease with our custom report design services.

Are You Limimted with Current Designs?


Explain particular subject in detail, sell ideas, report and achieve goals


Highlight facts and build a positive image


Visualise complex business process, logic, changes. Make it simple!

Our Report Design Offer

We offer report design services that will help you stand out from the competition and effectively communicate your findings. We do Presentations, Reports, Dashboards, Interactives, Explainers and more.

  • Design of documents;
  • Dashboards and interactive projects for large datasets;
  • Insights generation and visual consulting;
  • Data management services.

By using our effective information design techniques, your company can more easily communicate the findings and insights to peers and partners. It will drive business decisions and strategy.

Success Stories


Project goal: Improve quality of internal business decisions and communications

Project solution: Set up a data-driven culture in the company. We delivered:
— Reporting and dashboards, using proprietory ReportMe BI software;
— Templates for data-based presentations and reports;
— Visual literacy workshops (data visualisation) to teach how to do better presentations , how to do better dashboards.

Project goal: Launch a new business venture and raise funding

Project solution: Initial presentation helped position the team’s expertise. Funding was raised and the company was launched. Three years later WOW is a nation-wide company with more than 1 mln homepasses. Infographer is serving WOW’s needs for 5 years in a row already, with multiple products delivered

Project goal: Explain complicated operational management methodology to new employees (onboarding)

Project solution: The project idea turned into a set of communication materials: presentation, leaflet, etc. used as a playbooks for new employees. Positive side effects: visualisations helped find weak spots in ops / fin methodology, and the company was happy that visualisation of complicated processes and formulas helped improve the methodology.

Project goal: Create a presentation about the Eaurasian Development Bank and match the new brand style.

Project solution: Final presentation is a versatile explainer that fits various purposes at B2B / B2G / G2G events

Key Benefits:

  • Direct access to expert designers;
  • Efficient process with no project managers;
  • Cost-effective pricing for SMEs to large multinationals;
  • Tailored solutions for specific communication needs;
  • Beautiful and effective information graphics that simplify complex data.

Ready to take your report design to the next level?

We offer a free-of-charge evaluation of your current report designs. Share your existing report or presentation with us. We’ll provide recommendations for areas of improvement.

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