Interactive visualizations for easy learning of numbers, with a mouse or finger

  • Web modules for sites

  • Websites

  • Interactive documents

  • Tablet apps

  • Interfaces for accessing information from the database

Do you have a large table, or even a database?

Is there new data regularly?

Give access to data to a large number of users?

Provide a lot of diverse information?

Chatting with an advanced audience?

Is there a lot of information with complex relationships?

Be able to quickly make changes and supplement the schedule at any time?

Do you have a sign from which you want to share?

How do you sell your data? – make a user-friendly interface for them


When there is a lot of data and information, and it is possible to communicate with your client or partner through the screen

Do you have a large set of information, numbers, and need to communicate with a lot of different people? – Give the user the opportunity to independently study the entire heap of information from the angle that interests him.

We will think over the logic of the behavior of the interactive module, develop navigation, lay the necessary filters and settings. The viewer will be able to independently control the display of data and study the information.

  • Crystallization of information architecture from a mass of content.
  • Designing user convenience: navigation, menus.
  • Integration of additional functions (languages, printing, etc.).
  • Adaptation for all required platforms and screen sizes.
  • Automatic update.

Sounds complicated? Show us your details and we’ll figure it out. Each time – an individual development from scratch “turnkey”.

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