Business status monitoring, detailed screens with key performance metrics

  • Interactive applications

  • Add-ons over your systems

  • Individual development

Automation of operational work

Make BI or database easy to use

Spend less time on reports

Introduce modern reporting methods

Show the results to the public


We create interactive screens with charts, tables and filters, with the help of which it is convenient to track the work of the company on a daily basis and follow the update of any operational / strategic information,  see the status of the company: results, dynamics

Target result: regularly updated, carefully selected statistics on the performance of you, your colleagues, your company. Each separate screen allows you to:
– Present the data in a visual way;
– Simplify the understanding of indicators;
– Simplify the process of preparing and conducting reporting meetings.

A good dashboard has a number of important qualities:
– Quickly understandable at first glance;
– Unambiguously shows “good” and “bad” zones;
– Has indicators of important issues.

As a result, a dashboard increases the efficiency of report preparation and speeds up further decisions

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