Event calendar


Event calendar

Infographics Calendar

Events in the world of infographics, visualised. So many bright events happen in the world of infographics all around the world! 



Our main task was to deliver the tool that would help infographics lovers choose the event that would suit their schedule. Depending on their time and location, the choice is clear.


Many events are infrequent, many of them happen once in several years. Some annual conferences are changing places, year after year. A fact that is extremely crucial for planning – if you see a conference in a certain year, don’t be 100% sure that the next year it will happen the same date & place.  We decided to show an extra layer of information, the second year, to support the long-term planners.


The map was selected for the Malofiej book “Infographics. A visual definition” published in 2012

Project team

Irina Dobrova . pm

Max Gorbachevskiy . ad

Eugene Smolyak . il

Olga Ivanova . an

Artem Gorbachevskiy . an

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