INFOGRAPHER is the information design agency with its own approach to visualisations. We put things in order in the world of chaotic information. We make clear and sound visualisations, easy to read interactive systems. We also teach the skill of visual literacy.







International & Local clients


Key value for your company

Swiss knife for your information. We solve the problems of structuring and explaining information. Our processes are tailored to work with complex arrays of information, logically complex projects and work with business development departments, financial, investment, as well as innovative breakthrough projects. We are especially helpful in those moments when “not much is clear”.


Maxim Gorbachevskiy

Ideologist of visual thinking. He founded the agency with Irina Dobrova in 2010. At Infographer he is responsible for aesthetics, complex and complex projects, building complex dashboards. Leads trainings on infographics and visual thinking development

Maxim Gorchakov

Infographer’s logic. At Infographer, he is responsible for complex and complex projects, work with databases, and in general for everything related to the technical implementation of tasks of any complexity. Leads trainings on infographics and visual thinking development.


We have our own methodology, thanks to which you save budgets, and the result is better.


We were awarded multiple times. Jury members of the competitions, the “ Company of the Month ” award in the Netherlands, our  Map of events in the world of infographics  in the Malofiej jubilee collection “What is infographics”, and so on.

Always ahead

The main promoter of business infographics since 2009. Articles, tips, critical views – on our  blog  and  Facebook . We always have our own point of view, speak at conferences , nurture competitors and allies at corporate master classes and at universities (see more).


Our principles

We strive to be honest with information, not to lie or spoil. We do what we love, so we don’t do bullshit.
We strive to be an honest long-term partner for each of our clients, and we believe that there is the best solution for each situation.

Agency presentation

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